Mattawan Food Packs has partnered with the Mattawan Area Pantry, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, to benefit hungry children in the Mattawan Consolidated School District. Approximately 21% students in the district receive free or reduced lunch. We will directly serve 125 of these children who are most in need as determined by the Mattawan Early, Mattawan Later and Mattawan Middle School. Every Friday they will receive a back pack filled with nutritious, kid-friendly foods that they can prepare and eat independently on the weekends. We also give each family in the program a weekly voucher to buy a gallon of milk at Wagoner’s Hometown Food Store in Mattawan. As well, participating families will be encouraged to get bread and eggs from the MAP.


In our Mattawan community we value:
Fighting hunger when resources are lacking.
Sustaining overall nutritional, emotional, and physical well-being.
Providing food for children each weekend during the school year.
Providing at least 2 hygiene kits during the school year to help with their personal care needs.



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